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Petition Title:

Let Clubs Keep Their Colors

Petition Description:

<p>RIT has recently changed its logo and brand policy. On the new RIT brand website, it says "student clubs may have their own identity marks and fonts but must adopt the RIT color palette, unless they are a chapter of a national organization." The color palette given consists of primary logo colors orange, black, and white, with some freedom of color only available for accents. This would result in all club logos seeming bland and much too similar to each other. Few clubs would stand out, and it would most likely lessen student interest in club participation. In addition to this, the colors many clubs possess within their logos have great symbolism and history to their respective club. Making certain all logos follow the same monochromatic recipe destroys the creativity and the aesthetic of the logo.&nbsp;</p><p>In short, for an institution whose new slogan is "greatness through difference," boxing student organizations into very specific colors is hypocritical and counterproductive.&nbsp;</p><p><br></p><p>Source:&nbsp;</p><p>Proposed color palette:&nbsp;</p>